User Experience

User experience is the key to useful technology and user adoption. Making users comfortable using a particular tool is one of the greatest challenges that technology faces. We build our tools from the perspective of those that will actually use it.

  • User Adoption – Creating interfaces and other tools that staff want to use.

  • Simplistic Interfaces – Designing simple user interfaces that are easy to use.

  • Role Definitions – Interfaces that automatically change based on user role.

Business users find technology more useful when they have a positive experience interacting with systems. We understand the users point-of-view and create the tools needed to customize the experience for users across the organization.

Positive Users are
Productive Users

The user experience is too often overlooked. Users are people, and the easier it is to use something, the more likely they are to see it as adding value to their workday instead of becoming another barrier to completing their tasks. Users frequently complain about hard to use technology, while well designed technology goes unnoticed.

Custom Interfaces and Views

Each accounts receivables management company uses their own mix of tools, processes, and workflows. Customizing interfaces and role-based views are a great way to improve production by making information from multiple systems appear on a single screen for the user. By simplifying where key information can be found, users are happier and more productive.

Simple Maintenance & Detailed Documentation

We design user interfaces to be easily maintained and updated over time. We understand that software evolves, and we provide solid project documentation and simple methods for maintaining your interfaces as software updates are released and new features become available.

Coding Language Flexibility

Guru DNA has experience working across a wide variety of coding languages including SQL, C#, Java, .net, and others. This broad experience makes us capable of integrating multiple platforms using different code languages into a single user interface. This type of integration dramatically improves the user experience and limits the need to constantly switch between systems or screens.

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