Process Automation

Process automation is a powerful tool for businesses. By automating manual tasks, businesses are able to refocus their resources on revenue generation and reduces human errors.

  • Placement Management – Automatically create placements and initiate recalls.

  • Payments Posting – Post payments to your system of record and create reports.

  • Everything Else – Automation can benefit all areas of your business operations.

Automating workflow and business processes enables our clients to indefinitely free valuable human resources for a nominal one-time setup cost.

Leveraging Automation
to Drive Revenue

Business process and workflow automation is a powerful tool for businesses that want to leverage technology. Too many companies and individuals accept the costs associated with performing manual tasks because they do not see any other way to get things done. People have a tendency to continue to do what they know, until a catalyst causes them to re-evaluate their thought process.

Ease of Maintenance

Creating workflow automations often requires maintenance and updates over time. Technology updates, evolving business requirements, and other factors may create a need to update automations on occasion. We design our tools to provide ease of maintenance to ensure that projects can be used long into the future.

Documentation of Workflows

Our team documents projects in detail to provide your internal resources with the materials they need for security audits and future development. We understand the challenges faced by poor or no documentation and always create detailed notes describing our projects.

Industry Best Practices

As receivables management veterans, our team understands the best practices that should be used when creating process and workflow automation. Our expertise is an asset to our clients that want to improve their workflows without adding additional risks.

Detailed Testing Methodology

Creating automation is just the first step. Before deploying a new solution, a variety of tests need to be performed to ensure that all aspects of the automation are functioning properly, and data is flowing correctly. We apply our testing methodology to each project to proactively identify any potential issues prior to deployment of automation.

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