Data Management

Receivables management companies run on data. A strong data management strategy is the key behind successful technology projects of all shapes and sizes.

  • System Migrations – Strategic execution for changing systems or platforms.

  • System Connectivity – Getting data flowing correctly between multiple systems.

  • Data Cleansing – Normalizing data for more meaningful reporting and analytics.

Expert data management creates efficiencies, reduces errors, and improves the flow of data between systems while providing deeper reporting capabilities.

Improving Data Management
Enhances Results

Receivables management companies are always looking for opportunities to get ahead of their competition. Many have found competitive advantages through properly managing their data. Companies continually innovate ways to use data to their advantage and improve their understanding of the accounts they are working.

System Migration Specialists

Anyone that has participated in a system migration knows that it can be rewarding, but the process often brings new challenges to the forefront. No matter how much planning and preparation you do, there are always unexpected challenges. Our team has migration experience working with some of the most popular collection software platforms available. We assist with all phases of data migration from planning, to development while getting projects completed on-time.

Application Support

Guru DNA provides support for most of the popular collection systems, dialers and other software tools used by receivables management companies. We are trained and authorized by many of the software providers to offer third-party support for their systems. Our deep knowledge of the various collection platforms makes us a powerful partner for customizing your system and managing the data it tracks and stores.

Integrating Data Providers

In a world where data is king, we offer custom integrations with many of the accounts receivables management industry’s most popular data providers. We assist with the transmission of data back-and-forth with data providers as well as offering insight into how new data can be utilized, tracked, and stored.

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