Guru DNA is excited to announce it is the first  Latitude by Genesys authorized partner. Guru DNA will extend its personalized support services, providing customization of the Latitude platform to more customers in the receivables management industry.  In addition, Guru DNA will be an industry first to become a Latitude by Genesys Authorized Reseller.

Guru DNA specializes in helping companies use Latitude and other receivables systems to get the most from their platform. They add value by streamlining workflows and building process automation through its customizable dashboards, Agency Interface Manager, full reporting, exchange ETL tool, and a configurable agent desktop. As an authorized Latitude support team, Guru DNA will continue to provide implementation, conversion, upgrades, service, and support with regards to all aspects of the Latitude platform. Guru DNA’s deep knowledge of SQL, the database that sits in the background of Latitude, makes them the perfect partner for Genesys clients desiring to upgrade to or integrate other technology with the Latitude platform.

“We are very proud to be the first Latitude by Genesys authorized partner,” says John Everman, CEO and Founder of Guru DNA. “This partnership is another avenue that allows Guru DNA to provide our customers with superior technology systems that improve efficiency and revenue generation. Latitude’s newly developed authorization program is very robust and focused on setting industry best practices. The new authorization stratification will provide our clients with consistency, standardization, and an exceptional customer journey.”

“Genesys has a rich history of collaborating with industry leaders to extend the value of our solutions” said Ian Winder, business owner of Latitude by Genesys. “We are pleased to work with Guru DNA, an industry leading services provider, and are excited about the opportunity to provide customers with greater choice and flexibility to purchase, service, and manage their Latitude environment.”

“The new partnership of Guru DNA and Latitude by Genesys is a perfect fit,” says Marian Sangalang, Vice President of The Bureaus, Inc. “Guru DNA strives for excellence with each client and partner, leveraging their deep knowledge of technology systems to improve efficiency and drive revenue. Their expertise will serve to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the Latitude software for each end user. Guru DNA has been an excellent partner to The Bureaus, Inc. with regards to project implementation and this partnership between Guru DNA and Latitude by Genesys is complimentary for continued growth in both businesses.”

About Guru DNA

Headquartered in Shawnee, Kansas, Guru DNA is a technology company that specializes in customizing popular technology in the receivables management industry. Guru DNA designs, develops, and integrates various tools for creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, and law firms. Their understanding of technology systems improves efficiency by simplifying business processes and enhancing the user experience.